Your dream child at 37th week

You’ve reached your ninth and final month, the end of your 37th week, when you are finally considered “full term.” You’ve been pregnant for most of the year, and you’re probably exhausted and ready for this baby to come out already! Try not to stress or dwell on this; your baby will be here soon enough. You may still have a few weeks to go, so try to keep your mind occupied. Your baby will be here when she is ready.


All major development of your baby is complete. From now on she will continue to grow in size and strength and lay down fat – up to 28 gram a day! The cells in her brain will continue to multiply and develop for the first few months of life after the birth.


Your baby’s appearance will not change drastically now. She is slightly smaller version of what she will look like when born. At about this time your baby’s head will start to descend into the pelvis. Once his head is well down and engaged, you may notice that your bump has ‘dropped’ and looks lower.

Third stage of labor


After your baby has been born the placenta, which has sustained your baby throughout pregnancy, is no longer needed; you need to push it out along with the remaining part of the umbilical cord that runs between the placenta and your baby. The time it takes to deliver your placenta can range from 5 to 30 minutes.

What to expect & what to do:

After the delivery of your baby, your doctor will be looking for small contractions to begin again. The contractions signal that your placenta is separating from the uterine wall and is ready to be delivered. Pressure may be applied by massage to your uterus and the umbilical cord may be gently pulled. You might experience some severe shaking and shivering after your placenta is delivered. This is a common symptom and not a cause for concern.

After completing all the stages of childbirth, you will be monitored for the next few hours to make sure that the uterus continues to contract and that bleeding is not excessive. You should now be able to relax and enjoy your little bundle of joy!

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